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Ice Machines Baltimore MD

Ice Machines Baltimore MD and Surrounding Areas

Commercial ice machines are in a great demand due to a wide array of reasons. They are mainly obtained by businesses, in the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, country clubs and resorts. Hence, whether you are a business owner or just someone who is seeking for such type of a machine, you need to know some of the important things while choosing a proper suitable machine.

Commercial ice machines are available in the market in various forms; therefore, sometimes it comes extremely difficult to choose the best one for the business. While choosing the best suitable machine for your business, first check out your ice consumption needs and installation requirement and accordingly decide which one best suits your needs.

If you need an ice machine for your hotel then it means your average ice usage is around 5 pounds per room, whereas if you own a lounge or a bar then your average usage must be 3 pounds per customer. This way understanding the level of consumption can help you with making a wise selection of ice machine. Commercial icemaker can be used for home usage if your ice usage is on an average 6 ounces. Another thing to consider while choosing icemaker is how you want it to install. There are three most common ways to install an icemaker such as freestanding, under a counter, or on top of a flat table or counter. For small or medium size business, the under counter ice maker can do, whereas for larger business a freestanding machine can most likely benefit, this machine usually produces and holds more ice. Flat surface mounted ice machine is perfect for office or home users.

The final point of consideration while deciding on what kind of ice maker that you need is the type of ice. There are various types of ice makers available, each ice has different use and different characteristics. The first form is cubelet ice; it is mainly used for quickly making drinks colder, it is also used for therapy, as it doesn’t stick to each other. Another one is Clear ice, it is slightly small in size and perfect for majority of drinks including carbonated beverages, and water. Last one is Ice flakes, it is great for salad bars and packing in ice tables, or else for therapy of chewing ice. These all-various types of ice are useful for home needs as well. Type, amount and size all three factors matter a lot while making a choice.

Now, after considering all essential factors of ice machines, you must have got a clear vision about which one you should buy for your business. Buying electronic products are no longer a simple task to be done due to the presence of defective and low quality products. Therefore, if you are planning to buy ice machines for your home or commercial usage then there is one trusted company, which offers only the best quality products. Quality Refrigeration Services is a well-established company that offers quality efficient ice machines at affordable prices; hence you need not worry about price as well. Just call them and let them know your requirement; they will surely help you out by providing the best possible product.