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Ductless HVAC Systems Baltimore MD and Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing heating and cooling system, add heating and cooling to a new addition or put in this type of system for the first time, ductless split heating and air conditioning systems are definitely worth taking a look at. The decision you make about your home’s heating and air conditioning system is one you’ll have to live with for many years to come so it’s important to amass as much information as you can before making a decision.

When you’re trying to evaluate your home heating and cooling options, it’s also very helpful to have the advice of a professional with expertise in this field.

Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about this great technology and we offer a full range of installation, maintenance and repair services as well. So whether you’re sure a ductless system is right for you or you simply want to learn more about the benefits of these systems, give us a call today.

How Ductless HVAC Splits Work

Ductless split heating and air conditioning systems are so called because, unlike traditional forced air systems, they don’t rely on a system of ducts to transfer the temperature controlled air they generate from one part of your house to another. In a traditional setup, an outdoor compressor unit is connected by an air duct to an indoor air handler, which then directs the passage of the air into more ducts that carry the air to the rooms in your home.

A ductless HVAC system, on the other hand, also has an outdoor compressor and at least one indoor unit, but these indoor units are connected to the compressor by a refrigerant line rather than an air duct. The indoor units are also mounted on the wall or the ceiling in various parts of the home, and they receive coolant from the compressor through the refrigerant line.

Ductless HVAC Benefits

With ductless setups, each unit is controlled independently. This allows for more precise temperature control in each area of your home and makes it possible for you to set different temperatures in different areas. For instance, you can turn up the heat in the living room when you’re just sitting around and relaxing, but you can leave the heat off in other parts of the house that aren’t being used at the moment.

This alone will save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. After all, why would you want to pay to keep your entire house one temperature when no one is occupying the vast majority of it? Independent temperature controls for particular areas of your home are also useful when different members of the household have different preferences.

Ductless HVAC Split Installation

Particularly if your house doesn’t have ductwork in place already, a ductless system can save you money on installation costs. That’s because the most expensive, time consuming and labor intensive part of putting in a regular forced air heating and cooling system is putting in the ducts. And a ductless system can be installed in many areas that air ducts are just too large and cumbersome to reach.  Our team of Ductless HVAC Systems Baltimore MD professionals is here to help!