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Installation made easy: Get your AC and heater installed easily

The residents of Baltimore should get happy that the installation of AC and heater of any kind that people need here has become easier so much that was never before. Along with installation the repairing of the AC and heater in the residential complexes of Baltimore has become easier too. But then a serious suggestion to all the residents of Baltimore goes that they should not wait until the systems goes out of use completely because this would increase the expense of repairing. If the system has gone outdated or has been showing signs of failure schedule a repair or maintenance check to keep your appliance in working order.

Air Conditioning Maintenance: A properly maintained air conditioning system can actually lower your cooling bills by as much as 35%. That’s savings you can see through the summer and all year long. Get AC Performance Inspection to make sure your unit is performing as efficiently as it can be, or consider a Preventive Maintenance Plan to keep you covered all year long.

Most heating and central air conditioning problems can be resolved with a simple service call. Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning’s licensed HVAC service technicians will diagnose the problem and provide you with an honest assessment of your HVAC system. If a more complex issue is discovered, Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning will present you with all options so that you can make an informed decision.

Some tips:

Be sure the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the set temperature is well below the existing room temperature.

Make sure there aren’t any blown fuses or tripped breakers. A central air conditioner should be on a dedicated 240-volt circuit. If this is the problem, simply reset the breaker or replace the fuse. If it continues to be a problem, you should consider modifying your electrical.

Make sure the power switch is turned on and that the outdoor condenser’s power switch (mounted on the outdoor unit) hasn’t been turned off. Also be sure the 240-volt disconnect next to the compressor (usually in a metal box mounted on the house wall) hasn’t been shut off.

Turn off the power to the air conditioner and check the thermostat. Remove the thermostat’s cover and unscrew the wire from the Y terminal. Turn the power back on. Holding the wire by its insulation only, touch the bare end to the R terminal and hold it there for about two minutes.