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Refrigerator is one of the most profitable appliances that we found in our house today. Almost every family, resided on this planet needs refrigerator to store their nourishment and save them from getting ruined. Residential refrigeration helps to keep up the freshness of food by keeping it cool. However, even though refrigerator holds a lot of importance in our life, still in some cases, after few years of buying refrigerator is starts working poorly and inefficiently due to various reasons. No worry, here are some of the things that you can do to keep up the efficiency of your residential refrigeration and save some energy.

Check out the temperature –

As per the experts, to save energy and food an ideal home refrigeration’s temperature should be 37-40 degrees and for freezer it should be 5 degrees. In case you have a separate freezer then it should at 0 degrees.

Recheck the door seals –

Air leakage can happen due to lose seals. You must check the magnetic seals of refrigerator for tightness by using dollar bill. Keep the dollar bill in between the seal and unit and close the door. If the bill can come out easily then it is means the seal is not tight. Similarly check the sides, top and bottom of the door and immediately replace the seals.

Let the air circulation –

Let the air circulate around the condenser coils and keep a space between cabinets or walls and freezer or refrigerator and try to keep the coils clean. This needs to be done regularly as due to this the dust accumulation blocks the heat release and; therefore the compressor runs for a longer time.

Reconsider the location of refrigerator –

Relocate your unit away from heat sources like an oven, a heating vent, window or a direct sunlight. The additional heat makes the compressor function harder. More than that, it is essential to have proper circulation around the condensing coil and compressor because then only heat can getaway.

Defrost often –

As compare to automatic defrost, manual defrost models use less amount of energy. However, in sense to keep them functioning at maximum proficiency they have to be defrosted often. When an ice builds up in the refrigerator, the compressor runs for longer time to keep the system cool. This activity increases the usage of energy.

Look for food storage –

While storing food in refrigerator, cover the food containers tightly. Let the food and drinks get cool before putting them into the refrigerator, as hot food and drinks need much energy for cooling.

Avoid continuous openings –

Try to avoid frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator as it allows cool air to outflow. Before opening the refrigerator, decide what exactly you want to take out and then open. Help children to think the same way.

Drinking water –

In spite of drinking bottled water, use water feature of your refrigerator. This way you can save the environment and as well as money.

By following above mentioned points, you can get back the efficiency of your refrigerator. Or else you can replace your inefficient refrigerator with new highly advance and modern refrigerator, which work proficiently for longer time. Quality Refrigeration Services is a well-known company, which offers trusted and highly efficient residential refrigeration at affordable price rate. In spite of worrying about shocking energy bills, it is better to opt new energy-efficient refrigerator in a budget.